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The songwriting course is an intensive and relatively short course in creative and productive songwriting where participants, upon completion, will take home a fully produced and mastered piece of music. 
Music created during the courses can be used as part of the participants future CV or portfolio to help them get through the music industry's needle eye.


Our course producers will guide and help participants realize their true potential both creatively and technically during the whole course. And when the course reaches it's final day, each participant takes home a top professionally produced song.





The purpose of Songwriting Course is for teenagers to stimula te their potentiality toward music. This is especially for someone who has been practicing the piano for long time that they got to regard music as stressful thing. Our Songwriting Course will arouse their passion toward music again. 


We will adopt the method of group training so that participants can learn how to collaborate with groups. From deciding the direction of music to finishing the piece of music, the whole process will make participants accomplish their selves, and find out who they are at the same time. 


Course producers will train the participants in English, and the main language in class will also be English. If you want to associate in the environment of using English at the same time of learning music production, then Songwriting Course is the best choice for you. 


Course producer / supervisor

Jonas “Jelly” Soendberg:


Producer, composer, music supervisor & live / session keyboard player with countless of shows and productions in Asia and Europe. 
Jelly 's main tool is Ableton Live, ProTools and piano.
Jelly 的音乐制作工具是 Ableton Live, ProTools 和钢琴。Forte is soundscapes / sound design, progressive & electronic music, orchestral compositions, piano music, blues rock and pop rock




Participants will be divided into small groups where they can cooperate with other creative minds and work together as a team to write, record and produce their songs.


During the first segment of the camp, they will PLAN the direction of their music and agree upon some dogmas like instrumentation, genre and language


All planning will happen with the help of the camp producers whom will make all their combined knowledge and experience available to the participants, if or when they need it.


During the PLANNING process the groups will listen to each other's original songs – if available – and also to template-songs which have been produced by our camp producers – template songs are a great way to kickstart the creative process.




Once a group has agreed on a musical direction for their song, it's time to start writing. Write down chord-progressions, song structure, instrumentation, lyrics, vocal harmonies, time signatures anything which will help the participants PREPARE for the final stage of the camp.

在小组明确了他们的创作方向后开始实际创作。他们将写下和声进行、歌曲结构、编曲配器、 歌词、和声陪唱节拍,为歌曲创作营的最后阶段做好准备。


The groups will make demo recordings on equipment and in the facilities made available by Balance Productions and present these demos to the camp producers before the PREPARATION phase has ended.




When all the demo materials have been handed over to the production team, each group will sit down with a producer in one of Balance Productions’ rooms. Here the producer – in collaboration with the participants – will PRODUCE the song so that it sounds exactly the way the participants intended it to sound and perhaps even better.



During this segment of the camp the participants will see how to record vocals and instruments, add whatever effects or samples are needed to make the song feel more vibrant and dynamic. They'll get acquainted with compressing, EQ'ing, the use of reverbs and delays and they'll get familiar with a DAW and some basic hardware and software settings.

在歌曲创作营的这一阶段,学员将参与录制人声和乐器、 添加声音效果或取样来让这首歌的感觉更充满活力和生机。他们会看到导师如何使用压缩、均衡、混响和延时,他们会逐渐熟悉一台数字音频工作站的一些基本的硬件和软件配置。


Balance Music is Balance Productions’ music/sound production company, established in 2004, professionalized in music production, audio post-production of TV/movie, sound design. 
We provide multiple types of recording/production studios, working with experienced team organized by producers, musicians, and sound engineers. In 2008, BP had honor to provide music/audio production services for Beijing Olympics/Paralympics Game, finishing high-quality mass production of music and audio productions. At the same time, BP completed the task of training over hundreds music editors and sound engineers for each venue.




Songwriting Course is starting to register on September, 2015. 5 hours /week, 10 weeks (50 hours) in total.Class 1: 5pm-7pm on Tuesdays & 1pm-4pm on SaturdaysClass 2: 5pm-7pm on Thursdays & 1pm-4pm on SandaysFee for Song Writing Course (including the usage of composition/recording facilities): 12,800RMBNumber of participants every class: 6 (at most)Age Requirement: 12-17(If there is exceptional condition, then could be considered to include). We also accept 17+ as separated classes.Consideration: Related experience of music, singing, musical instrument/Language AbilityPlease contact to apply with application form below, then we will contact you asap with the information of interview: training@balancesound.comhotline (English): 010-65421299 ext. 6022hotline (Chinese): 010-65421299 ext. 6006Add: 1 Beihuayuan Street, Building 16 Suite 301, Chaoyang District, Beijing


歌曲创作课程将从现在起开始招生,5小时/周,一共10周(50课时)。1 班: 周二 17:00-19:00; 周六 13:00-16:002 班: 周四 17:00-19:00; 周日 13:00-16:00歌曲创作课程学费(包括作曲及录音棚设备使用费):12800元每班学员最多为6人,年龄12-17岁,如报名条件特别优秀可考虑破格。我们也愿意接受17岁以上的热爱音乐的年轻人组成区别于少年的独立班级。创作班会对学员的音乐、歌唱或乐器学习经历,语言水平有所要求。报名请提交报名表至:training@balancesound.com , 我方会尽快与您取得联系安排面试时间。咨询电话(中文):010-6549 1299 转 6022咨询电话(英文):010-65421299 ext. 6006地址:北京市朝阳区北花园街1号院16楼(动漫社区)301室

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